Doing Business With The Hi-Tech Gears

Complete value chain ownership starts with the procurement of raw material to supply of high precision products and modules. During three-decades long presence in the industry, we have established ourselves as a mobility solution provider with an end to end manufacturing capability under one roof. Today we manufacture a large variety of components in different shapes and sizes finding their application in different assemblies and vehicles. In terms of volume, we handle few thousand components per year to millions of components per year.

Our long-term partnerships with renowned global leaders in the automotive and non-automotive industry, in this era of changing technology, shows our dynamicity. We always embrace new technologies and hence we are the perfect partner for your mobility solution requirements emerging from stringent emission & fuel efficiency regulations.

India-North America Synergetic Operating Model

By leveraging the business efficiency of India and NAFTA operating plants, our Synergetic Operating Model differentiates us from others. With multi-location footprint, we are providing best cost competency along with close proximity to our global customers.

Operational Excellence

In line with our strategic intent, we always intend to manufacture higher value-added products and first-time right development of products. To remain agile, proactive and market ready for the future of the automotive industry our manufacturing facilities have state of the art machinery and equipment well supported by:

  • The Hi-Tech Production System which is based on Lean and TPM philosophy for operational excellence and aligned to customer’s production system
  • Connected factory which involves Industry 4.0 continuous flow along with optimum automation in process and measurement
  • Planning and control through IT-enabled ERP systems
  • Coherent organization structure for micromanagement through regular cadence between head office and plant supervisors
  • Moving up in value chain which is in line with our strategic intent to manufacture higher value-added products
  • ECOFAC building for carbon neutral operation