Value Driven Organization

Our company is founded on eternal principles and core values. Our values are reflected in the way we work every day and in the way we induct, develop and grow our people.


Our unique culture is a key source of sustained competitive advantage for us. In THGL you will experience innovation, collaboration, taking up huge challenges and an environment that fosters solving complex business problems using Lean principles.

The Hi-Tech Gears believes that it is a curious mind which fuels the growth engine of any organization thus it was established as an institution and not as a company where young curious minds can learn and grow.

At The Hi-Tech Gears, we can offer you the knowledge and the means to develop a sustained professional career which is achieved through teamwork and new responsibilities.

Progressive Company

After its inception, the first product manufactured by The Hi-Tech Gears was a gear, and it was also our first challenge as a company. This challenge eventually became one of our greatest strengths and since then the company has diversified itself into numerous businesses ranging from precision and high-quality powertrain components to smart automation builds while catering to some of the world’s reputed OEMs.

At The Hi-Tech Gears, we make sure the progression and growth of the company also translate into the intellectual and personal growth of our employees. As a global company we’re continuously evolving, and we can offer many diverse international opportunities to help you advance and grow in your career.

Great Place to Work

The inspiration of our work culture cultivates from our rich heritage which has taught us that ‘work is worship’. At The Hi-Tech Gears, we have nurtured our family culture to multiple geographies and in the process built a ‘home away from home’ for our esteemed employees. We emphasize on promoting a stimulating and ethical environment which facilitates the free flow and exchange of ideas between our employees.