Doing Business With The Hi-Tech Gears

The automotive world is going through a lot of paradigm shifts which will eventually shape the future of the industry with infinite opportunities to grow. No one can accurately predict the future, however, only those who are ready to accept the challenges and adapt to these changes will sustain and prosper.

As a global and progressive company, The Hi-Tech Gears is continuously expanding its business portfolio and operations to new geographies. From powertrain solutions provider to smart automation builds, we are a company whose roots are deeply embedded in our founding philosophy and culture which is based on pervasive principles.

Our philosophy has always been to collaborate with our suppliers and develop a long-lasting mutual beneficial partnership for a win-win situation. To support this expanding business portfolio, we invite you to join us in our continuous endeavour to create an ecosystem where we join hands, exchange ideas, innovate new solutions and constantly enhance the value proposition using principles of lean manufacturing and TPM for the global automotive industry.

The Hi-Tech Gears Limited, and the entire group of companies including its holding and subsidiary as a whole, (hereinafter referred to as “THG”), is committed to embracing ethical business practice in accordance with the applicable laws, rules and regulations with highest standards of honesty and integrity. This code aspires the Suppliers to be effective and efficient by nurturing the environment, labour and human rights, nix human trafficking to help in recognizing and dealing with ethical issues, provide mechanisms to report unethical conduct and to help foster a culture of responsibility and accountability.